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All Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet students entering the program as 9th graders must earn a total of 28 Carnegie units. Students must maintain a final average of “C” in any course taken to remain in the magnet program at Columbus High School. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the student from Columbus High School. Students are required to take one course each year in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. All students are required to complete and pass AP World History AND at least one additional Advanced Placement course, during their four years, in order to graduate from the Columbus High Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet.

The following courses are required for graduation:

English 4 units

Foreign Language 3 units

Math 4 units

Science 4 units (Must include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)

Social Studies 3.5 units

*Physical Education ½ unit *Health ½ unit

Humanities 1.5 units (½ Writers Workshop, 1 unit Humanities or AP Capstone)

Academic Electives 1 unit

Fine Arts Elective 1 unit

Student Choice Electives 5 units

*One unit of credit in health and physical education is required. Three (3) units of credit in JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) may be used to satisfy this requirement.

Additional Requirements:

  • Students must complete twenty hours of community service each year in grades 9th-11th.

  • Students must complete a senior project or AP Capstone Project.

  • Students must attend required class field trips each year.

  • Students must complete summer reading assignments.

  • Students must complete a science project as assigned.

  • Students must complete the appropriate math packet prior to entering the class.

  • Students must adhere to the state guidelines for attendance.

  • Students must follow the CHS Magnet Integrity Policy.

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